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kardz platform
Beyond the barriers of teams and projects!
Why limit yourself to boards, projects, or teams? Kardz lets you manage it all in one place by allowing task-level collaboration with anyone in the world.

We call it Social Collaboration.
Be on top of everything.
Save time doing it
Office workers waste 28% of their time managing emails to keep up with all that's going on around them1. The sadder part is that only about 38% of them are relevant2. Kardz lets you customize your notifications so you can stop wasting time with distractions and still be on top of everything important.
Custom and Private
Kardz gives you the freedom to create your own statuses and groups, even when collaborating with others. And they are private to you so that you can organize your kardz and connections in a way that makes sense to you.
kardz platform showing custom groups
Whether you just need a simple tool to organize yourself or a full platform to manage your doings and collaborations, we have a plan for you.
And this is just the beginning as we're constantly bringing new features!
Yearly (15% off)
Great for simple projects, personal to-dos, and supporting roles
Free forever
Features Included:
Unlimited Contacts
100 Kardz per Month
1 Group
3 Pre-defined Statuses
Ideal for workspace, people in multiple projects or teams, and collaborators
$4.25 per seat / month
when billed annually ($5.00 monthly)
Features Included:
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Kardz
Unlimited Groups
Custom Statuses
Public & Private Templates
Recurring Kardz
Allow users to collaborate with no boundaries while taking advantage of organization-level configurations
Number of Seats
$7.65 per seat / month
when billed annually ($9.00 monthly)
All Premium features, plus:
Internal Auto-connect
Organization Templates
Organization Labels
Custom Fields
Time Tracking
About Us
Welcome to Kardz, the world's first Social Collaboration platform!
Our vision is to create a place where people can join their efforts to get things done -- no matter who they are working with or what they are working on. Our mission is to establish transparency and facilitate the management of requests and tasks for all those involved in them by replacing all messages, chats, or emails like "just wanted to follow up...", or "what's the status of...", or "could you...?". In addition, Kardz should allow users to effortlessly be on top of all tasks and requests going on around them.

Kardz was first drafted as an idea in early 2020 and officially launched in 2022.
We are just beginning...
kardz platform
Have any question or suggestion? Contact us at support@kardz.app.
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